Whatever your needs are we offer the right program!

Maybe you want to reverse type 2 diabetes or lose weight. Perhaps you just want to regain your health or maybe you want to win the next Ironman or Strongman competition; we’ve got a plan that can work for you and that will get results. We call it the MAKSME healthy protocol.

MAKSME lasts twelve weeks because this is the time that the average person fat-adapts to the Keto diet. The MAKSME protocol has it all—one-on-one remote coaching on demand, full use of the Heads Up Health biomarker app, and full time texting. Each plan is custom built to deliver the results that you want.

Our health solution is elegant, fully coached, and simple to implement. Click below for a consultation or go directly to the plan.

MAKSME Healthy

I’m ready to join the revolution!

“Take the first step. Without that, you’ll never reach the summit of excellent health…”

Dr. Pete

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